Advances In Roofing Technology

Advances In Roofing Technology

The roofing industry has seen many unique advances especially with regards to roofing technology. The demand for roofing technology to support advances in material trends, business management and sustainability has increased tremendously. These advances come from every conceivable angle, from the processes used to guarantee roofers to the materials as well as the software solutions used in roofing. Here are some of the advances that are taking the industry by storm.

Environmentally Efficient Roofing Materials

We all have a role to play in reducing our carbon footprint, and roof manufacturers are also taking up the challenge. As environmental efficiency become increasingly important, many roofing manufacturers are creating new eco-friendly roofing alternatives that are not only cheaper but also have the added benefit of improved environmental efficiency. Roofs today are being used for more than just protecting us from strong winds, heavy snow and extreme heat, they have a greater purpose. Reflective granules, for example, are used in shingles so your roof can reflect more of the sun’s heat and lower the costs of cooling your home in the summer.

With the proper coating, your roof can be waterproof or even fireproof. A waterproof coating will prevent water or moisture from seeping into your home while a fireproof coating will help reduce the spread of fire to other parts of your property.

While solar panels can be inserted into roofs, the technology hasn’t yet reached a level where they can offer enough protection from harsh weather conditions. An alternative roofing option that is also gaining popularity is building-applied photovoltaics (BAPVs). These are solar panels applied to the surface of your buildings. Solar shingles and photovoltaic slates are examples of BAPVs that can be integrated into your roof to provide water heating and generate electricity.

Software for Roofers

Roofers have to deal with many tasks when performing the day to day duties. For roofers that are still using manual systems, it can be hard to keep track of salespeople and leads, order materials, collect payments, schedule crews and keep up with an endless list of other details. However, software for roofers that integrate customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and other systems into a single dashboard streamline the entire process. Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, for example, allow roofers to track a job lead from the start to completion. These software solutions significantly increase organisation and increase customer satisfaction levels.

New roofing technologies are continually disrupting the roofing industry. Keep an eye out for new innovative tools, software and products that are transforming all aspects of roofing.

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