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"Can't recommend Dragon Roof Restoration strongly enough. Fast, professional and respectful service"
Joanne Constable

From the first call to the final site clean, we work closely with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with our service.

Guaranteed Workmanship & We Arrive On Time

At Roofing Sunshine Coast, we understand that you need your roof done right the first time. That's why we guarantee all our work and show up on time. We know how important it is for you to have a dependable roofing contractor who takes responsibility for their work and shows up when they say they will. We're the change you've been looking for in the building industry.

Fully Licensed and Trained Professionals

It’s stressful allowing strangers onto your property. That’s why Dragon Roof Restoration carefully screens and trains all our roofing specialists before they are handpicked to work on your property!

At Dragon Roof Restoration, we believe the best results come from experienced and knowledgeable roofers. That’s why all of our roofing professionals are fully licensed and trained to provide you with the highest quality service. We take pride in having a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge about roofing materials, techniques, and safety precautions. From gutter repairs and gutter guards to the inspection of trusses and terracotta or concrete tiles, trust our professional team for all your building maintenance and tile and steel roofing solutions.

Leave-No-Trace Site Cleanup Commitment

You are more than just a number to our team. You’re a partner. You can always expect the Dragon Roof Restoration professionals to treat you and your home with respect and leave your worksite sparkling clean after every job.

We believe in leaving no trace of our presence – so you can enjoy the results of your project without any leftover mess. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to Leave-No-Trace Cleanup.

Our commitment to Leave-No-Trace Cleanup means that every job we complete is followed up with rigorous cleaning and debris disposal procedures.

10-15 Year Roofing Warranty

A company that actually stands by and honours its warranty.

When it comes to roofing, you want to be sure that your investment is protected. That’s why the Sunshine Coast Roofing company offers a 10-15 year warranty on all their installations. This warranty ensures that any problems resulting from faulty materials or workmanship can be remedied for no additional cost.

On-Time Project Guarantee

Your time is valuable. That’s why Dragon Roof Restoration promises to turn up on time to your roofing project – or we’ll pay you $250 for every week we don’t (Excluding illness, injury, and acts of God.)

Trusted Renovation Experts

We’re proud to deliver outstanding workmanship backed by integrity. No sneaky salespeople. No slack tradesmen. Just high-quality work from Sunshine Coast roofers who finish on time and within budget.
Our team of experienced roofers can handle any project or emergency roofing job, large or small. From anti-leak roofing repairs and complete installations to asbestos roofing replacements and residential roofing solutions, we're the renovation experts in the Sunshine Coast region.

Roof Mould Elimination

Did you know that failure to fix a leaky roof can lead to toxic mould? Mould can cause many health issues, including fatigue that zaps your energy to take needed action to eliminate the root of the problem.

Dragon Roof Restoration is a team of experts trained in removing and preventing mould. From residential buildings to commercial buildings, we understand that mould is a major health hazard, and that water damage can lead to its growth, so we take all the roof waterproofing and mould elimination steps necessary to stop it from forming in your home or business.

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Unrivalled Customer Service and Communication

To us, every client is a partner and not just a number, which is why our roofing experts will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Before we start any work, we’ll come to your home for free, take pictures of your roof, and inspect it for damage such as broken tiles or rust. Once we have a clear idea of what repairs you really need, we’ll give you a detailed, written quote and an upfront, honest price. No sneaky hidden fees or sales pressure here.

We understand how important communication is, which is why we take the time to explain each step of the process to you and answer any questions you might have. We’ll keep you updated throughout the entire project, so you’ll always know what to expect and when it will be finished.

"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

Up to 15 years warranty on materials we use

Never lose sleep over your roof again. Dragon Roof Restoration metal roof restoration only use the highest quality of materials and takes advantage of the latest paint technology. All of our materials are backed by a 15-year warranty and your paint won’t peel or flake.

That’s why we use only the highest quality roofing products on your residential or commercial premises. All our quality products and quality of workmanship give you the guarantee of a 15-year warranty. This means that should any of the materials used in your project fail during the life of your roof, the product warranties will ensure you're covered

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2-Year Interest Free Financing

Get roof repairs now - pay later! Thanks to our convenient financing program, you can get the top-notch repairs you need without breaking the bank or paying a bunch extra in added interest. Call for details.

Metal Roof Restoration Brisbane

Still Have Questions?

Repairing, restoring, or replacing your roof can be a big investment. However, the process doesn't have to be stressful. If you have any questions at all, please reach out. We'd love to provide you with the assistance and peace of mind you need move forward.

Q: Our home has roofing issues. But I'm not sure if we need a replacement or restoration. What's the best way to find out?

First, it’s important to know that many roofing companies want to sell you on a new, expensive roof when you could really benefit from a professional roof restoration. Restorations can enhance the look of your home and provide years of protection – without the high cost of a replacement. If you have an aging roof you know needs work, the best thing to do is schedule a free on-site consultation with our specialists. There’s no cost and no obligation. We’ll turn up promptly to your property, inspect the roof, and give you an honest and upfront estimate of your options. We’ll take pictures of your roof and show you the best way to fix it – whether that’s a restoration, replacement, or even a simple repair. To schedule this service, simply call our 24/7 phone service, email us at the address below, or click the button above.

Great Services, Excellent Results. That’s what you get when you hire Dragon Roofing Brisbane. We are one of the best contractors in Queensland. We help businesses and homes through the process of roofing. Maybe your home was in the path of the storm. Or you don’t love the look of your house when you enter the driveway. Don’t frown! We’re here to make you smile.

You can trust us to deliver Brisbane roof restoration. Restoration has many benefits. It extends the life of a roof, delays replacement for years and protects an existing investment. It’s also cheaper than replacement. The process of restoration is swift and risk-free. Since no sheath is removed, there’s little disruption to those working in the building. Using non-toxic and non-flammable materials eliminates the risk of fires and alleviates health concerns associated with roof work.

Storms and leaks can damage your roof. Also, as your roof ages, minor problems like splits and tears in the membrane may occur. If left unrepaired, they can turn into major problems and hefty expenses. Here’s where roof repairs Brisbane come in. We can assist with the maintenance of leaks, missing shingles, broken tiles, damaged flashing, and other compromised components.

Roof replacement in Brisbane is one of the most expensive upgrades you can make. But it’s worth it. For one thing, it’s a long-term solution, and more importantly, it adds value to the property. Of all roofing solutions, replacement is the most inevitable. Generally, roofs wear out over time and must be replaced.

And now the cheapest way to improve your roof’s life and look – Brisbane roof painting! Paint looks great and keeps the elements out. Whether it’s corrugated or tiled, painting your roof is a great way to boost the appeal and value of your home.Professional roofers in Brisbane are hard to come by. But no need to worry! We have a team of expert roof mechanics, who specialise in commercial and residential roofing.

Helping businesses and homes across Queensland with fast, affordable and long-lasting services is their #1 priority. Besides the expert staff, we only use quality, eco-friendly materials. Our rates are pocket-friendly. And we customise our services to suit your needs.

Consider your search for the best roofing company Brisbane over. We have a solution for every roofing problem. You can rely on us for expert skill, knowledge and workmanship. If you're looking for roof restoration Brisbane, or a roof restoration north Brisbane, get in touch with us today. We’ll schedule a roof inspection and offer you a comprehensive quote, FREE OF CHARGE!

"My whole family appreciate how professional and friendly the whole entire company is. Thank you again to the whole of Dragon Roof Restoration."
Shae Bolog
Sunshine Coast
Shae Bolog

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