What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

Dragon Roof Restoration offers emergency roof repair services on the Sunshine Coast. We are experienced and can handle any roofing issue. We respond quickly to calls for help, whether it's a leaky tiled roof or a damaged metal roof during heavy rainfall. Dragon Roof Restoration prioritises customer safety and offers competitive pricing to help property owners deal with extreme weather consequences. Contact us for efficient and reliable emergency roof repair services. 

"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

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Advantages of Emergency Roof Repairs

We understand the urgency of the situation and are always available to offer expert advice and support.Trust Dragon Roof Restoration to handle all of your tile or metal roof emergency repair needs on the Sunshine Coast.

Why Choose Dragon Roof Restoration for Your Emergency Roof Repairs?

From leaky tiled roofs to structural damage caused by extreme weather, our quality workmanship, warranties, and competitive pricing mean we’re the top emergency roofing contractor on the Sunshine Coast.

Heavy Rains and Leaky Roofs on the Sunshine Coast

Leaky roofs are a big problem for homeowners and property owners on the Sunshine Coast during heavy rains. If you have a leaky roof caused by heavy rains, call Dragon Roof Restoration, the go-to company for all emergency roof repairs on the Sunshine Coast. Heavy rains can cause leaks, with broken tiles, cracked flashing, clogged gutters, and wear and tear being common culprits for tiled roofs. Dragon Roof Restoration has a team of specialists on call for strong and leak-free roofing solutions.

See Why Other Homeowners Choose Dragon Roof Restoration Every Time!

"Thanks to Stephen for organising our roof restoration you were great on sending us emails on the latest update. Thanks to Glenn who did our restoration. You were very accommodating and easy to deal with. Great job and our roof looks fantastic. Also it was never a fuss to clean up after the job."
Shelley Williams
"The team from Dragon did work on our roof today. They were most professional, courteous and considerate of our property. They were prompt and worked efficiently to have it completed within a reasonable timeframe. Highly recommend this company for a thorough, honest job."
Mark Paterson
"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

The Dangers of Not Fixing a Leaky Roof

Ignoring a leaky roof may seem minor, but it can quickly escalate into a larger issue. Over time, the water damage from a leaky roof which is no waterproof can cause structural damage to the entire building, leading to costly repairs and renovations. In addition, a leaky roof can cause mould and mildew to grow, which can be a severe health hazard. Homeowners should address any leaky roof quickly and effectively to prevent further property damage and maintain a healthy living environment. Trust the experts at Dragon Roof Restoration to provide emergency roof repairs for any type of roof to protect your property.

Insurance Companies and Emergency Roof Repairs

We understand the urgency of emergency calls and are available to repair damaged roofs caused by severe weather or structural damage. We will work with insurance companies to ensure clients receive their entitled coverage. Dragon Roof Restoration offers competitive pricing and manufacturer warranties on our work, making us a top choice for both commercial buildings and residential properties.

Claiming for Emergency Roof Repairs Through Home Insurance?

Dragon Roof Restoration has the knowledge and expertise when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and helping homeowners claim for emergency roof repairs. Dragon Roof Restoration is the go-to for anyone looking for emergency roof repairs on the Sunshine Coast.

Emergency Roof Repair Experts

Property owners can rely on Dragon Roof Restoration for roof leaks, structural damage or extreme weather-related damage. We specialise in tile and metal roof repairs and offer competitive pricing. Their licensed roof  plumbers and roofing specialists prioritise prompt and efficient emergency call-outs. Dragon Roof Restoration is the best choice for leaky roof or gutter repair needs on the Sunshine Coast.

Types of Repairs Available on the Sunshine Coast

Dragon Roof Restoration provides its clients with a wide range of repair emergency roof services, including roof inspections, leak repairs, gutter repairs and even complete roof restoration. We specialise in tiled and metal roofs and only work with licensed plumbers to ensure that their repairs are effective and meet all safety standards. Our friendly team of roofing specialists are available for emergency call-outs at reasonable prices. Contact us today for more information on our emergency roofing services on the Sunshine Coast.

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