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"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

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Common questions customers have with roof replacement

1) Will the roofing company come back and fix the roof if it leaks?

2) Will the roofers leave my home a mess?

3) Will the roofing company prove to me they are really qualified?

IF you engage ‘cowboys’ then the answer is NO to all 3.Let me give you a secret tip that may sound obvious:

Do your due diligence before engaging a roof replacement company by googling all their reviews. How long have they been in business? How many 5 star reviews? How many 1 star reviews? Did they really honour their warranty? Was the customer's home left as they found it? Or was there loud music blaring, swearing rough looking roofing flicking cigarettes in your garden? Did they clean up the site? Or did your child nearly slice their foot on a jagged piece of leftover roof sheet carelessly discarded in your garden grass?

You may think a roof replacement is straightforward and simple..

The answer is YES if you're dealing with trusted professionals. Are you really getting tradesmen? Or are you getting ice addicts and scoundrels?

Dragon Roof Restorations is the leading roofing company on the Sunshine Coast, known for our expertise in providing complete roof replacements using high-quality materials and professional trusted workmanship but most importantly honouring our warranties.

See Why Other Homeowners Choose Dragon Roof Restoration Every Time!

"Thanks to Stephen for organising our roof restoration you were great on sending us emails on the latest update. Thanks to Glenn who did our restoration. You were very accommodating and easy to deal with. Great job and our roof looks fantastic. Also it was never a fuss to clean up after the job."
Shelley Williams
"The team from Dragon did work on our roof today. They were most professional, courteous and considerate of our property. They were prompt and worked efficiently to have it completed within a reasonable timeframe. Highly recommend this company for a thorough, honest job."
Mark Paterson
"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

What is Roof Replacement?

Rather than performing a roof repair on the existing roofing material, a roof replacement is the process of replacing an old or damaged roof with a new and stronger one. It involves removing the existing roof, inspecting the structure underneath, and installing a new layer of roofing materials. Whether you're in need of renovations or are in need of emergency repairs after some storm damage, we go the extra mile to ensure you have high-quality roofing replacement when you need it.

Metal Roof Replacement

Dragon Roof Restorations specialises in metal roofing replacement on the Sunshine Coast. Metal roofing is a popular choice due to its durability, anti-corrosion properties, and long-lasting colour compared to other roofing materials. Dragon Roof Restorations offers a range of metal roofing options, including COLORBOND® and Zincalume, which come in different colours and styles to suit diverse architectural styles. This type of roofing is suitable for a variety of environments, including commercial buildings and areas with heavy rain. Its strong and flexible nature makes it ideal for withstanding harsh weather conditions. Choose Dragon Roof Restorations for your metal roofing needs on the Sunshine Coast.

Tiled Roof Replacement

At Dragon Roof Restorations, we offer guidance in choosing the best materials for your specific tile roofing needs. We consider the benefits and drawbacks of ceramic and concrete tiles, such as durability and fragility. The slope of the roof impacts the type of tile used, many times I see roof leaks because the roofer/builder installed a tile that was not meant to be used on low pitch (like flat tiles) and as a consequence the roof leaks. Sometimes the only solution to this (as painful as it is) is to rip it up and start again, this is the ultimate horror story. Cost differences and characteristics across tile roofs, such as concrete or terracotta, are also factors to consider. We educate clients on maintenance requirements, including addressing common issues like cracked tiles and moss patches. With our expertise, we provide the best solutions for tile roof replacement and repairs.

Sunshine Coast Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos in roofs is hazardous and can cause serious health risks. Dragon Roof Restorations offers asbestos roof removal and replacement services to ensure safety and longevity. Our experts identify and test for asbestos in your roof and safely remove and dispose of it using strict protocols. Our certified professionals ensure the highest quality workmanship for a safe and visually stunning roof. Asbestos can be found in all types of roofing on commercial and residential buildings. Prompt identification and addressing of contaminated roofs is crucial to avoid health risks. Trust in Dragon Roof Restorations for a safe and secure roofing solution on the Sunshine Coast. Did you know that many roofing companies are not compliant with government legislation regarding asbestos removal? Fully licensed Asbestos removal experts must be engaged correctly. Only a company with a builders licence (like us) can subcontract to asbestos removal companies. A roofing company without a builders licence should not be engaging them, imagine the legal headache if something goes wrong on the asbestos removal and you engaged a roofing company that did not have the correct licensing?

Gutter Guard Installation and Replacements

Gutter guards are important to prevent debris buildup in gutters that can cause leaks or water damage. Dragon Roof Restorations instals high-quality gutter guards that are customised to your unique roof design. We offer various types of guards, including foam inserts and mesh screens. When replacing guards, our team carefully removes and disposes of the old guards and securely instals the new guards to keep your guttering clean and your roof free from leaks.

Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement

Dragon Roof Restorations is the leading roofing contractor on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in complete roof replacement. With years of experience, we have worked with various types of buildings throughout the region, including residential and commercial properties. Dragon's professional team of roofers understand the importance of using the right roofing structure, whether it be a single roof, double roof or trussed roof, to suit the environment and purpose of the building. We take a tailored approach to each roofing job to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

A Cold Hard Look At Dragon Roof Restoration

Why Dragon Roof Restoration?

We use only the best roofing materials and have an expert team of professional roofers who specialise in everything from replacing a few metal roof sheets to complete roof restorations.

In-house Consultation & Accurate Quote

We offer in-house consultations and quotes tailored to our clients. Our team inspects the current roof and discusses clients' needs and preferences during the consultation. The cost of the replacement depends on several factors, such as materials, size, shape, and necessary repairs or removal work. We ensure transparency and honesty by providing a detailed breakdown of costs and customisation options.

Convenient Scheduling

Dragon Roof Restorations makes roof replacements easy and convenient for clients. We value our clients' time and offer flexible scheduling options, including weekends and afterhours. To schedule a roofing project, clients simply need to contact the team, book a consultation, select materials, and schedule a date for the project.

Expert Roofing Installation

Our team is highly skilled in flawlessly installing all types of roofing. We conduct thorough site assessments and identify any potential issues. Our equipment and techniques are specific to each roofing type. Our materials meet or exceed standards, ensuring a wise investment. We maintain a clean and safe workspace, leaving your property in pristine condition.

Always Neat & Tidy Cleanup

When we replace roofs, we focus on maintaining a tidy job site. Our attention to detail ensures that the site is organised and neat at all times. We also protect your home and clean up the worksites daily. Our team prioritises your safety and security during the roofing process.

Longer-Lasting Protection

Dragon Roof Restorations offers a reliable solution for protecting your home or business on the Sunshine Coast. Our team uses high-quality materials and expertise to provide a long-lasting roof replacement that exceeds expectations and withstands any weather conditions. This investment will provide peace of mind for years to come.

Leak-Free Guarantee

We offer a Leak-Free Guarantee that sets us apart. Customers are often worried about leaks reoccurring after getting a new roof installed. Dragon Roof Restorations guarantees that our installation will be leak-free for 10 years* (see warranty). If there is a leak, we will fix it quickly and at no cost to the customer for materials and no cost to the customer for labour either. This is why we do every roof carefully and properly the FIRST time because we now have the responsibility to look after your home for the next 10 years. 

10-Year Materials Guarantee

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is further highlighted by our 10-Year Materials Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if there are any issues with the materials used during the first 10 years* (see warranty), we will rectify the problem at no cost to the customer. So, when you choose Dragon Roof Restorations, you can be certain that you are investing in a durable and reliable roof that will stand the test of time.

On-Time Commitment Guarantee

To ensure on-time project completion, in the event of delay, we will pay $250 per week if the project is delayed, except for illnesses, injuries, or acts of God. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal at Dragon Roof Restorations.

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