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Asbestos dust particles are dangerous when inhaled and can cause severe lung diseases, including lung cancer, and other serious health issues. Replacing an asbestos roof with safer materials like metal or tiled roofing provides peace of mind and aesthetic appeal. Dragon Roof Restoration has a friendly and expert team that can handle all aspects of the asbestos roof replacement project, from removing the existing roof to installing the new roofing structure. Dragon Roof Restoration can help homeowners and businesses professionally and safely replace their asbestos roofs.

"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

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Did you know that many roofing companies are not compliant with government legislation regarding asbestos removal? Fully licensed Asbestos removal experts must be engaged correctly. Only a company with a builders licence (like us) can subcontract to asbestos removal companies. A roofing company without a builders licence should not be engaging them, imagine the legal headache if something goes wrong on the asbestos removal and you engaged a roofing company that did not have the correct licensing?

Storm Damage

You may qualify for your insurance to pay for your roof replacement if there has been sufficient damage from hail. Warning: do not call your insurer about this - call our team FIRST: about the best strategy for you to use because (most insurers will knock back your claim unless you approach them in a very specific way)

If your asbestos roof has suffered storm damage, Dragon Roof Restoration emergency roofers can help. As experts in asbestos roof replacement, our friendly team can provide peace of mind by quickly and safely removing any damaged asbestos sheets and replacing them with a new metal or tiled roof. We understand the health risks associated with asbestos fibres and take every precaution, wearing protective clothing and ensuring the proper removal and disposal of all asbestos products.

Age of Roofing Material

If you have an ageing asbestos roof, Dragon Roof Restoration can replace it with a safer and more aesthetically appealing metal or tiled roofing structure. So if you want to replace your old asbestos roof with a new and safer roofing system, Dragon Roof Restoration has got you covered.

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"Thanks to Stephen for organising our roof restoration you were great on sending us emails on the latest update. Thanks to Glenn who did our restoration. You were very accommodating and easy to deal with. Great job and our roof looks fantastic. Also it was never a fuss to clean up after the job."
Shelley Williams
"The team from Dragon did work on our roof today. They were most professional, courteous and considerate of our property. They were prompt and worked efficiently to have it completed within a reasonable timeframe. Highly recommend this company for a thorough, honest job."
Mark Paterson
"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

Concerns about Health Risks

Dragon Roof Restoration understands that replacing an asbestos roof can evoke health concerns amongst homeowners, especially regarding the potential risks of asbestos fibres and dust particles. With their expert team and state-of-the-art equipment, Dragon Roof Restoration ensures safe and efficient asbestos roof removal services. We offer replacement options that eliminate the health risks associated with asbestos products. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that the entire team at Dragon Roof Restoration is equipped with the necessary protective clothing and follows strict safety protocols, providing a friendly and stress-free experience for their asbestos roof replacement project. Not to mention a full independent Asbestos clearance certificate!

Benefits of Replacing an Asbestos Roof with a Metal Roof

Dragon Roof Restoration, the premier asbestos roof replacement company on the Sunshine Coast, can help homeowners and business owners replace old and hazardous asbestos roofs with safe and durable metal roofs. By choosing Dragon Roof Restoration for your replacement project, you will not only eliminate a major health risk posed by asbestos products but also enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and increase its value. So why wait? Replace your asbestos roof with a metal roof today and enjoy a safer and more beautiful property.

Quality Asbestos Roof Replacements

Dragon Roof Restoration is the leading company in Quality Asbestos Roof services and Sunshine Coast roofing. We understand the health risks associated with asbestos roofs and provide safe removal services for asbestos roofs. We provide a variety of roofing solutions like metal roofs and tiled roofs that not only ensure safety but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the roofing structure. Get in touch with Dragon Roof Restoration today for quality and reliable solutions for asbestos roof replacement projects on the Sunshine Coast.

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