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Dragon Roof Restoration offers top-quality roofing services on the Sunshine Coast for terracotta, concrete, clay, and most other tiles. We use advanced tools for efficient and effective completion of any roofing jobs, big or small. For tile replacement and restoration, our experts use the latest technology, and provide affordable prices for all our services.

"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

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Tiled roofs are durable and can withstand the elements, making them a great investment for your property. Dragon Roof Restoration are experts in all facets of tile roofing, including repairs, reroofing and complete restoration. Dragon Roof Restoration provides tiled roofing solutions to residential & commercial properties on the Sunshine Coast.  We have experience and expertise working alongside insurance companies and premium suppliers. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are happy with their quality of service, competitive rates, and the peace of mind that Dragon Roof Restoration provides.

Quality Tile Roofing on the Sunshine Coast

A strong and durable roof is crucial for property protection. Dragon Roof Restoration provides premium tiled roofing that can withstand harsh elements. We offer a range of tiled roofing services, including tile replacement, roof restoration, cleaning, and gutter guard installation. We work with various tile combinations, including ridge caps, to ensure a strong and secure roof. We provide honest advice and our friendly, helpful team is available to answer your questions. We provide tailored services for homeowners, business owners, and property investors alike.

Tile Roofing Specialists

Dragon Roof Restoration is the top choice for tiled roofing on the Sunshine Coast because we use high-quality materials and specialist tiled roofing techniques. We take great care to ensure every job is done to the highest standards, so your roof will be durable and long-lasting. You can trust us to keep your property safe and secure.

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"Thanks to Stephen for organising our roof restoration you were great on sending us emails on the latest update. Thanks to Glenn who did our restoration. You were very accommodating and easy to deal with. Great job and our roof looks fantastic. Also it was never a fuss to clean up after the job."
Shelley Williams
"The team from Dragon did work on our roof today. They were most professional, courteous and considerate of our property. They were prompt and worked efficiently to have it completed within a reasonable timeframe. Highly recommend this company for a thorough, honest job."
Mark Paterson
"We were impressed with Steve’s prompt assessment followed up with the job done the following week. A 15 year old roof now looks new. The tradies were excellent."
Dave & Joan

Tiles Types We Specialise in

We specialise in a wide range of tile types to meet all roofing needs. No matter what type of tile you prefer, our team has the expertise and skill required to get the job done right. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your roof lasts for many years.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta tiles are made of natural clay and are known for their durability and insulation. We use durable terracotta tiles with natural insulation properties. These tiles come in earthy tones, adding warmth and a welcoming feel to any home. We provide repairs, restoration, or replacement of terracotta tiles. Being fire-resistant, terracotta tiles are ideal for homes in bushfire-prone areas. 

Concrete Roof Tiles

Our affordable and durable concrete tiles come in various colours and styles. Our team can work with any concrete tile type to ensure your roof looks and performs well. Concrete tiles are fire-resistant and energy-efficient, and are easy to install and maintain, which makes them a practical choice for homeowners.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles add a classic and luxurious look to any building or home style. Clay tiles are durable, have a long lifespan, and come in various colours and styles. They require low maintenance and are fire-resistant, making them practical for homeowners, especially those in bushfire-prone areas. We install, repair, and replace clay roof tiles on the Sunshine Coast.

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is crucial, especially for tiled roofing in Sunshine Coast’s harsh climate. Dragon Roof Restoration offers expert repairs and maintenance to keep your roof in top shape. Repairs can range from fixing tiles to replacing the entire roof system. We can provide regular maintenance, including roof pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning, as well as inspections to detect issues early. Our maintenance packages are tailored to your needs and can save you money by avoiding costly repairs. Trust Dragon Roof Restoration for honest advice and affordable tile repairs and maintenance services on the Sunshine Coast.

Main Causes of Damage to Tiled Roofs

Weather can cause emergency damage and also deteriorate tiled roofs over time. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent further damage. Poor installation and maintenance can also weaken tiles. Vegetation such as mould and moss can trap moisture and cause tiles to break down. Age can lead to cracks and leaks, so regular maintenance can address these issues. Even with proper installation and maintenance, issues can still happen. This is why Dragon Roof Restoration provides commonly needed repairs and maintenance services for tiled roofs.

Tile Replacement

Over time, tiles can become damaged or dislodged due to weather conditions, age, or poor installation. It is important to replace these tiles as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof. Our professional roofing specialists can identify which tiles need to be replaced and ensure that the new tiles are properly installed.

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Leak Repairs

Roof leaks can occur due to a variety of reasons, including cracked or damaged tiles, improper installation and waterproofing, or age. It is important to address leaks as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof and interior of the home. A Dragon Roof Restoration specialist can identify the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs.

Moss and Algae Removal

Moss, algae, and other types of vegetation can grow on tiled roofs, which can lead to damage and deterioration. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent the growth of these organisms and prolong the life of the roof. Our professional roofing team can safely remove any moss or algae and take preventative measures to prevent future growth.

Ridge Cap Repairs

Ridge caps are the tiles that cover the ridge of the roof where two slopes meet. Over time, these tiles can become damaged or dislodged, leading to leaks and other issues. We can identify which ridge caps need to be repaired or replaced and ensure that the job is done correctly.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance services, such as inspections and cleaning, can help prolong the life of a tiled roof. Our tiled roofing maintenance professionals can identify any issues that need to be addressed before they become a major problem.

At Dragon Roof Restoration, we specialise in providing these commonly needed repairs and maintenance services for tiled roofs. Our experienced team of roofing specialists can help identify and address any issues with your tiled roof, ensuring that it remains in top condition for years to come. Contact us today for all your tiled roofing needs on the Sunshine Coast.

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